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About Us

About Us

Who we are

Powell Development and Investment (PDI) is a “Members Only” private Company legally registered in Mexico with headquarters located in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco. PDI and its founder (Troy Powell) have been going strong since 1982 creating and changing to adapt to the times. By partnering with a diversified group of companies and global financial experts, we bring a broad variety of skills and expertise to our members, to help enhance their dreams and investments.

We are a group of accredited investors that combine money and partnership with members to invest and explore all opportunities. We utilize a diversified portfolio of assets, offering shares of equity ownership in specific projects for our investors.

Troy Powell

Troy Powell


Born in Salt Lake City, Utah, a seasoned business professional with many years of experience managing a diverse list of successful companies. Raised in the construction industry, apprenticing with his father who owned a large construction company, he learned all aspects of the construction business.

Over the past 35 years, Troy has solidified his expertise in the areas of development, construction, real estate and finance. He started his own companies at the early age of 16 and began developing in Mexico at the age of 19. This evolved into the conception of PDI which currently has several business and projects in various stages of development in many parts of the world.

In addition, he currently conducts business in many other areas such as alternative energy, infrastructure, mining, medical, apartment, condos, golf course, marina construction, new technologies and medical tourism. With the continuing growth of PDI in different fields, Troy has now broadened his scope to the joint venture and financial partnership structure of many types of companies and transactions.

People Helping People

What we do

We are seeking businesses and people looking for a solid partner with PDI. By becoming a PDI member we will advise and analyze your opportunity to take you to the finish line. If you have an idea, business or project, we suggest private crowdfunding.

For projects, real estate developments, to hotel resorts, and everything in between: You want to limit your risk? Try a joint venture. By becoming a PDI member we will help you find the right investors to create the perfect company.

Our partnership program is the option provided for passive investment and for individuals who want to share their profit with other entrepreneurs. Our job is to provide cost-effective funds and develop long term partnerships between our members.

By becoming a member of our network you will also be part of our benefit program, enjoy 100´s of monthly specials and discounts in a variety of business such as (medical, restaurants, laboratory and pharmacy, accommodation, tours, shopping etc.). As a member you will have access to the area where you can download all the documents and info you need to get your business, project or idea started.

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