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Frequently Asked Questions

Q- How does PDI determine whether my venture is a candidate for funding on the Private Crowdfunding Platform?

A- PDI is interested in business ventures that represent a unique combination of market opportunity, business model and management experience. A complete set of due diligence materials that allow PDI and potential investors to evaluate the opportunity is imperative.

Q- What information is required during the evaluation process?

A- PDI will analyze the venture funding request from several perspectives. A complete due diligence file will contain the relevant materials to evaluate the proposed opportunity. (available to members)

Q- How long will the funding process take?

A- The evaluation on funding process can take 1-3 months depending upon the availability of accurate complete information from the project sponsor.

Q- Is it possible to request additional funding for the venture if necessary?

A- Additional funding requests will be evaluated using the same process as the initial funding.

Q- What information will be presented to potential investors?

A- Upon initial approval, PDI will develop a Private Placement Memorandum specific to the company offering. And a complete due diligence booklet for qualified investors.

Q- When does the funding become available to my business?

A- PDI will disburse the funds according to the draw schedule that has been agreed to by the partners.

Q- What regular reporting requirements exist related to the funding?

A- PDI will require a monthly web-based accounting and project oversight that will be made available to investors.

Q- Who determines the value of the outstanding shares?

A- PDI and the business enterprise will work together to evaluate the value of outstanding shares.

Q- Is it possible for the company to subsequently acquire shares that have been issued to investors?

A- Typically investors will retain an equity interest in the venture even after payback of the funding. The company can subsequently acquire this interest by mutual agreement of the parties.

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