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Private Joint Venture Opportunities

At PDI, we are looking for real estate developments and startup business ventures that are seeking between $100,000 and $100 Million in capital. If your venture represents a unique idea in a large and/or rapidly growing market, we are interested in considering your venture for our Partnership Program or joint venture structure.

Our job is to do more than just provide cost-effective joint venture investment; we develop long-term relationships that enable our members to enhance their portfolios year after year.

How the process work?

Contact PDI

Become a Business Member and submit your project and the PDI forms!

Project Review

PDI will review these materials and contact your team.

Project Approval

If approved, PDI will work with you on a joint / partnership program.

Send your project or idea with completed forms for review and enjoy added benefits of being a PDI BUSINESS Member.

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Joint Venture

We are focused in working, hand in hand with banks, funds, businesses, members and investors to reach common goals. Let us help you achieve your dreams through portfolio diversification and innovative approaches to investing, managing and operating.

If you represent a project who would like to use PDI Joint Venture, send us your project. Become a business member and request a free consultation. Include a business plan, member number, summary presentation or any other associated documents to provide an effective overview of the market opportunity, business model, and proposed management team experience and approach.

PDI will review these materials and contact your team for a discussion of the relevant details. We will be reviewing all relevant materials. Our main areas of interest are:


As a member you can request a free consultation and enjoy exclusive benefits become a business member now!